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Our manufacturing industry was already under enormous pressure and was further squeezed by the prevailing Corona crisis. It forced Stef Brans to think out-of-the-box. They sometimes say that the best ideas are expressed under the highest pressure. This product is certainly the result of that. Stef's sister, Sien Brans, who recently opened a beauty salon S-Beauty on the Groenakkerweg in Lommel (B), has recently been given the opportunity to perform her job for the better, although with a mouth mask and the take the necessary measures. She was uniquely exposed to the side effects of such a mouth mask and got the known pinching burden behind her ears. Her skin broke and given the daily job, something that breaks is very difficult to heal.

It triggered Stef, together with his father Stefan, to look for a solution. Certain concepts are not well made and also of poor quality that it breaks and deforms because it was not actually made with an injection molding machine. Thus, after weeks of research, the perfect product was created.
The name was obvious - EAR-SAVER - which literally saves your ears and guarantees the painless feeling behind the ears when wearing a mouth mask.

"A good product stands or falls with the quality of that product. You can only do that by testing a lot!" Stef quotes. "We have done this frequently with samples to be tested by various users of oral masks. Not only my sister Sien as a beautician, but also my girlfriend as a teacher, the local hairdressers, pharmacists, doctors and home nurses tested my product. At the moment samples have even been sent to department stores and various chain stores, even in Italy they are busy with my creation. " Stef proudly tells.

Multiple colors are coming, these are already on the test run with the modern injection molding machines of S&S Plastics, Stef's company, which produces the product EAR-SAVER.

Given the immense demand at the moment, Stef is orientating himself on wholesale distribution. There will soon be more clarity about this. It must not be said, of course, that this is a bull's eye for S&S Plastics. "We used to do subcontracting for third parties, but suddenly everything accelerates and we also receive requests for other injection molding projects of all kinds. I want to focus on that and ensure that the mass production of EAR-SAVER continues successfully, "says the young entrepreneur who really comes from a complete entrepreneurial family.

Until the website is fully online, people can contact the production house, preferably by sending an email.

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